Up until recently, I dismissed the influx of “retro” inspired / pixel-driven games as nothing more than a passing fad for lazy or ill-equipped game developers. I’d argue that my initial opinion still rings true for a large number of these titles, but an indie title by the name of UNDERTALE went a long way in changing my perception. It proved that creators are still able to capture the magical old-school dialogue from some of our favorite titles of yore. It showed me that 16-bit games didn’t have to be all about the look. . . but they can (and should) be about the spirit of 16-bit gaming.

I’ll admit that most of my favorite games on the SNES or GENESIS consoles had little to do with horror. Though EARTHBOUND did have trippy monsters and aliens. . . that’s close enough, right? At that point in time there simply wasn’t a market for “mature” games. Even if the themes at play in some of these titles were often deranged scenarios wrapped in a very happy and colorful wrapper–we weren’t seeing full on murder. That type of thing just wasn’t done, but it is now, and CAMP SUNSHINE is bringing it to us.

Camp Sunshine

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I know what you’re thinking–another crowdfunding campaign!? I thought the same thing. But the folks behind CAMP SUNSHINE are doing the types of things that you want to see small scale projects do. They’re showing a trailer of what they have working as of now, they give a detailed description of what they hope to achieve with the funds, and they aren’t asking for an astronomical amount of money to make it happen.

The team is seeking just $750 to wrap things up. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but that’s not a lot. I’d probably be supporting this one regardless, but the fact that the game seems to focus on an actual story instead of a bare bones and proceduraly generated scenario makes me even more excited.

I was wrong about these types of throwback titles. . . I can admit that. So here’s to ensuring that the good ones actually get the funding they deserve. The campaign is sitting at 22% with a month to go. If you’re into this type of thing, I strongly urge you to contribute. $5 gets you the game. I’ll definitely be doing my part.

Camp Sunshine is our first full length game and sees you take on the role of Jez (or whatever you’d like to call him) as he gets dropped off at Summer Camp. He awakes in the middle of the night to find his camp deserted and covered in blood as the terrifying Isaac Illerman comes back from the dead to wreak his revenge against the campers!