Nevermore Productions and director Justin M. Seaman have just unleashed a torrent of eighties mania upon the internet with The Barn, a retro looking eighties throwback.

Starring actors with cool sounding names like Cortland Woodard, Will Stout, and Lexi Dripps, The Barn has an amazing marketing campaign and trailer ready to destroy your world this October.  Check out the trailer below and see more exclusive stills from the movie at Nevermore Productions‘ website.

Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam and Josh are trying to enjoy what’s left of their final Devil’s Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of friends take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an old abandoned barn and awakening the evil inside. Now it’s up to Sam and Josh to find a way to protect their friends and defeat the creatures that lurk within “The Barn”.