With films like Bite, The Sublet, Antisocial, Bed of the Dead, and Let Her Out, you’d be foolish not to have dipped your toes into the catalog of Black Fawn Films at one point or another. As one of the most promising and aspirational groups of filmmakers in the indie horror scene today, the crew has wowed myself and many others on the MH team with what they’ve already been able to achieve. But thanks to a renewed partnership with Breakthough Entertainment, things are about to get even better. After co-producing 7 genre films together over the last few years, the team is now ready reveal their latest work–THE HERETICS.

THE HERETICS features a young girl who is abducted by a man. After he claims that a malicious cult is in pursuit of her, he makes it his mission to protect her until sunrise. While restrained, the young girl falls deathly ill. Her friends and family begin to search for her, but the source of her illness becomes more and more apparent: She’s not sick…she’s changing.

That all sounds pretty fantastic to me. If you know anything about these guys, you can probably expect a pretty grim scenario coupled with some fantastic visual FX. Chad Archibald is back in the director’s seat for this one, so I’m sure we’re in for a treat. For more details on THE HERETICS, a look at the debut poster, and a preview of the team’s next project, read the full release below:

Horror’s Rising Stars, Black Fawn Films Amp Up 2017, Renewing Commitment with Breakthrough Entertainment

The Proven Partnership Will Remain Dedicated to Bringing
More Screams to Screens Worldwide with an Elevated
Production Spend After Eight Films Together

TORONTO, CANADA – BERLIN, GERMANY (February 1st, 2017) — Award-winning horror film producers and directors, Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan of Black Fawn Films, have renewed their commitment with one of the leading Canadian production and distribution studios; Breakthrough Entertainment.

The deal comes after co-producing eight successful horror genre feature films that have garnered numerous accolades at film festivals internationally as well as theatrical releases in the U.S. The extension of the partnership will feature a commitment to increased budgets and a more aggressive casting strategy. These new films will build on the unique and elevated concepts with which Black Fawn has built their reputation.

“Chad and Cody have managed to stand out in a very competitive market. We believe that they will continue to see exponential growth in their audiences and that the quality of their stories will be attractive to notable cast. With these next two pictures, Breakthrough will further propel Black Fawn’s impact with fans, and open up additional international distribution options,” said Nat Abraham, President of Distribution and Partner at Breakthrough Entertainment.

Coming on the heels of the eight picture deal that was shaped in June of 2014, Canada’s horror darlings Chad and Cody, the creative duo behind Black Fawn Films, will continue to partner with Breakthrough, who has served as an incubator for the independent horror filmmakers. Titles that have been co-produced include Antisocial (1 & 2), The Drownsman, The Sublet, Bed of the Dead, Let Her Out, and Bite which was theatrically released in the U.S. Since the inception of the multi-picture deal, Black Fawn Films has become an integral player in the horror genre on a global scale.

Chad Archibald, Writer/Director/Producer at Black Fawn Films says; “Black Fawn Films have been building something special with Breakthrough Entertainment over the past eight films. Their faith in us moving forward will strengthen the relationship between our two companies. We couldn’t be more excited about taking these new projects to the next level, and create some truly unique films for genre fans.”

The Heretics, Black Fawn’s eighth film in the series of productions with Breakthrough, will have an early introduction to buyers with a market screening during the 2017 European Film Market (EFM) on February 14th in Berlin, prior to the film’s international festival run. Black Fawn’s next film, I’ll Take Your Dead, currently in casting phase, will mark the beginning of Black Fawn’s next steps with Breakthrough, following the market screening of The Heretics.

The Heretics features a young girl who is abducted by a man, after he claims that a cult is hunting her. His goal is to protect her until sunrise but while restrained, the young girl falls deathly ill. While her friends and family search for her, the source of her illness becomes more and more apparent. She’s not sick…she’s changing.

*EFM Screening: Berlin – CinemaxX 19 on February 14, 2017 at 17:00