FORWARD, which is out now on several digital platforms, is a Mexican horror movie where two assassins end up at an abandoned hotel – which turns into a house of horrors.

The movie follows the two men as they find themselves navigating a maze of the macabre, the line between reality and nightmare blurring. They discover the hotel may be close to the gates of hell as they come face to face with an evil demon.

FORWARD, written and directed by Henry Bedwell, stars Harold Torres, Lisette Morelos, Paulette Hernandez, and Axel Ricco.

The movie is hitting North American digital platforms first, with English subtitles. The platforms include Vudu, Amazon Instant, iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox Live. A worldwide release for FORWARD is expected this fall. Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see, go watch FORWARD from one of the streaming services listed above.

Two assassins will face their most feared demons when fighting themselves right in the very gates of hell.