Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s 2007 French thriller À L’INTÉRIEUR, or INSIDE, is a modern classic. It set a bar for home invasion films due to its brutal, unrelenting violence. Like with most movies today, there’s a remake coming from KIDNAPPED director Miguel Ángel Vivas. The INSIDE remake will get a theatrical release January 12 while also hitting various VOD platforms.

However, if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and call in sick to work. You won’t regret it—unless you have some phobia with sharp objects and bellybuttons.

From the trailer, it looks like the remake loses a tad of the bloody grittiness that made the original such a thrill. It also appears the ending is a bit more action-packed than Bustillo and Maury’s original.

The script was written by [REC] co-creator Jaume Balagueró and his [REC] 2 and 4 co-writer Manu Diez. Vivas’ remake stars Rachel Nichols as the widow and with Laura Harring as the aspiring doctor specializing in in-home C-sections.

Pregnant and depressed, a young widow tries to rebuild her life following the fateful car accident where she lost her husband and partially lost her hearing. Now, about to go into labor, she’s living in a remote house in the suburbs when, one Christmas night, she receives an unexpected visit from another woman with a devastating objective: to rip the child she’s carrying from inside her. But a mother’s fury when it comes to protecting her child should never be underestimated. Rachel Nichols and Laura Harring play the two main roles in this brutal and bloody hand-to-hand combat.