Somehow, someway, we’ve made it into triple digits. It obviously couldn’t have been done without you guys, and for that we are eternally grateful. It’s a fun episode, albeit not the grand production we had hoped for. Sometimes life gets in the way. So what’s happening on this milestone episode?

Mike Flanagan has been playing nice with someone over at Netflix. He’s slated to do a 10 part series adaptation of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT, the most cryptic of the franchise, has some new information. Finally. Lovers of comics and classic literature rejoice, because THE IMAGINARY VOYAGES OF EDGAR ALLAN POE looks great and is a fun read for the whole family. Tired of hot girls having a good time at the pool? Apparently so is Drew Marvick, and he proves it with the POOL PARTY MASSACRE trailer. And hot off the presses as we pushed record, Spike TV’s THE MIST dropped a trailer, and boy do we have some strong opinions about it!

This week we review the Indonesian record-breaking film that is DANUR from Awi Suryadi. Now if that director’s name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same guy who did BADOET, but unlike that film we suspect you’ll eventually get your eyes on this one. Can’t wait? Tweet them @DanurMovie and tell them to bring it to your neck of the woods.

Round 3 is a classic. We thought about trying to find out what the first game was that we ever played on the show, but that ended up being work. Instead you get the always sexy, sometimes entertaining TWO GUYS ONE CUP. All of that and a whole lot more talking on episode 100 of The Modern Horrors Podcast

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