Let’s get right into this shit, and we mean that quite literally.

The fourth installment of our favorite night of killing gets a name, THE PURGE: THE ISLAND. Luke and Jacob then travel to the dark land known as Kickstarter. We wade through the muck to find two projects of note: CLOWNFACE and ITSY BITSY. The titles may not be interesting to you, but hear us out on these two. Finally we check out a couple of trailers. Get you guns (or your running shoes) ready, because we’re going HAPPY HUNTING, and then later we’re getting drunk with BACCHANALIA. At least that’s what we think we’re doing.

Our review this week should come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse. A little project that is doing alright for itself at the box office called IT. Some are calling it drab and boring while others say it is a masterpiece. As always we’ll give you our honest opinions on the return of Pennywise.

Finally we dive into some good old discussion with a topic of the week. With the wild success of IT you just knew genre-outsiders were going to chime in. This time they are back to singing the tune of “this isn’t horror”. Yes. People are saying IT isn’t horror. But does it even matter? Find out that and a whole lot more on episode 120 of The Modern Horrors Podcast!

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