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Full disclosure: This episode features Luke indulging in leftover holiday eggnog to the point of excess. His words and phrases may not be completely audible by the end of the episode. Moving on…

WE’RE BACK! It’s a new year, and we’re re-energized and ready to bring the news, reviews, and tomfoolery like we always have. This week we’re talking about WalMart’s destruction of one of the greatest movie titles in existence, the return of the guys that used to be working on the new Halloween movie, but then filmed something else altogether while no one was looking, and… do you hear that? The sound of Internet commenters from around the world furiously masterbating can be heard if you listen closely. Why? Quentin Tarantino said something about a horror movie again.

All that plus a review of IFC Midnight’s THE ABANDONED which hits VOD platforms this Friday and a new and exciting round of 2 Guys 1 Cup on episode 39 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen Now!!