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It’s our 50th episode!! That’s pretty special, right? Rest assured that we’ve worked extra hard to deliver the goods on this one. We’re talking about the GOODNIGHT MOMMY directors going Hollywood with one of the biggest producers in the game, Daniel Radcliffe burping and farting all over the place in the surprisingly majestic looking SWISS ARMY MAN, a new “live action video game” called THE BUNKER, and an update on the brand new FRIDAY THE 13th film.

All of that plus Zach Green stops by to talk about his production company FATAL PICTURES and their newest film HEIR, a full review of Mike Flanagan’s HUSH which is headed to Netflix this Friday, an incredibly fun round of HORROR JEOPARDY, and so much more on this milestone episode of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Listen Now!

Special Thanks to Zach Green for taking some time out and talking to us about their new and existing projects. As mentioned on the show, your support is greatly appreciated in helping them secure their RONDO award. Even if you haven’t seen the flick yet–take our word for it, and support these awesome filmmakers.

To vote simply in the subject line of your email to write BEST SHORT FILM – HEIR and leave your name in the body of the email. It’s that easy, and you could help make a HUGE difference for these guys for about 30 seconds worth of “work”. Not convinced? Check out this awesome teaser for HEIR right here: