PAINKILLERS, a movie about grieving father, has some new stills that show off its diverse, star-studded staff. The movie, directed by Roxy Shih, a Taiwanese-American director, follows a father whose son dies in a terrible car crash. As his life disintegrates, he finds he can ease his pain with the taste of human blood. He meets a man who says he can help, but instead the father must decide to either accept his pain or become a monster.

PAINKILLERS stars stars Adam Huss (POWER), Madeline Zima (CALIFORNICATION, TWIN PEAKS), Grant Bowler (DEFIANCE, TRUE BLOOD), Debra Wilson (MADTV, BODIED), and Mischa Barton (THE O.C., THE SIXTH SENSE). Giles Daoust wrote the script.

The move premiered at the Brussels international Fantastic Film Festival. Check out the stills below.