Way back in 2014, when Modern Horrors was first getting started, I decided to take on a little indie flick called An American Terror [Review]… and it kind of rocked my socks off–perhaps more so than i initially realized. I have reviewed literally hundreds of films since then, and I still find myself thinking of the kill mechanics at work in An American Terror. If you haven’t watched it, get on it. But why am I taking this tiny trip down memory lane? Because Haylar Garcia, writer/director of the aforementioned film, is back in the director’s seat with a brand new slice of terror for us horror hounds.

Details on GNAW are relatively slim, but here’s what we know:

GNAW Banner

The Cast

The film stars Penelope Mitchell (CURVE, CW’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and Netflix’s HEMLOCK GROVE), Chris Johnson (xXx: STATE OF THE UNION, L. A. NOIRE, CURSED), Kyle Gass (TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY, KUNG FU PANDA, ELF), and Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe and Spirit Award-winning actress Sally Kirkland (ANNA, VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, THE STING).

Nothing against the folks that starred in Garcia’s debut, but this is certainly a step up as far as pure name recognition is concerned. I mean, Kyle Gass? Color me intrigued.

The Plot

GNAW follows Jennifer Conrad, a small-town girl fleeing from an abusive husband and struggling to make a new life for herself in the big city while something is eating away at her… bite by bite.

I know, that’s not a lot to go on, but Garcia has gone on record stating that the film will be a bit of a departure from the insanity of An American Terror. While that was more of a Slasher flick, we can expect GNAW to be grounded within the Paranormal spectrum. Does that mean ghosts? Possessions? Body horror transformations? I honestly can’t say, but I’m certainly interested to hear more.

It’s Filming Right Now

That’s right, the cast and crew assembled and the cameras are rolling at this very second. The production is in part funded by Colorado’s progressive film incentive program. That’s a good sign, as Colorado is kind of known for doing super cool shit in the horror genre. We were even hooked up with some photos from the set courtesy of Chris Marino. I dunno about you, but I’m feelin’ that wallpaper. Better yet? Antón Fresco, the cinematographer on An American Terror, is working with Garcia yet again on GNAW!

The Release

Nothing concrete on the release front (sorry!), but we’re told that the team is aiming for an early 2017 release date. Rest assured that we have our ear to the ground on this one, and we’ll be sure to keep you folks up to date on all of the latest news as it comes our way. Until then… we wait.

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