Last April, a fan made video mashing popular J-horror franchises Ju-On and Ring together went viral, sparking Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan studios to pounce on the concept. Well, move over Batman and Superman, a new rivalry has just entered the ring.  In this corner, we have the Ring franchise’s cursed vhs ghost, Sadako, and in the other corner we have croaky housebound ghost, Kayako, from Ju-On.  Which cursed ghost will prevail? Why are they even fighting?  Place your bets now, folks.

Kadokawa has released a teaser that hints at the battle to come.  While there are no subtitles, the teaser gives you a decent enough idea of what to expect anyway.  Not much is known about the plot other than it seems to center on a girl named Suzuka Takagi, who carries Kayako’s curse after exploring the Kayako’s house, while another girl caught between Sadako and Kayako. A blueprint not unlike the showdown between Freddy vs Jason.  Oh, and expect creepy kid ghost Toshio to pop up as well.

While Japan only has to wait until June 18th, 2016 to catch this grudge match in theaters, there’s no current release date for the rest of the world. All we have is the teaser below to hold us over for now.

sadako vs kayako poster