Stephen King’s triumphant return to screen s big and small continues with Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK. We’ve been following the series’ development for months as new teasers, trailers, and details emerge. The latest teaser for the series has Terry O’Quinn doing a voiceover describes Castle Rock’s series of “original sin.”

The voiceover describes all the crimes the town’s committed over its history, talking about how terrors and horror come in cycles. Castle Rock, Maine is a fictional town King made up where several of his novels not only take place but also reference constantly.

The series’ first season is a self-contained narrative with the second season starring a new cast of characters who experience a new storyline. CASTLE ROCK hits Hulu July 25. The series stars Bill Skarsgård, Sissy Spacek, Terry O’Quinn, André Holland, and Jane Levy. Check out the new trailer below.