Terror has no snooze button, and Jeffrey Reddick (creator of the Final Destination franchise) and Director Phillip Guzman (A Kiss and a Promise) prove it when they mix the incapacitating horror of Sleep Paralysis with the supernatural in their latest chiller, Dead Awake.

Blame FilmRise distribution for keeping you up at night when they conjure Dead Awake for a May 12th, 2017 release date in theaters and VOD platforms. Night-light not included.

DEAD AWAKE follows a straight-laced social worker who finds herself plunged into a world of supernatural terror while investigating a series of mysterious deaths. Each victim suffered from a chilling condition known as sleep paralysis, a nightmarish assault on the senses that immobilizes its victims as they dream. As a terrifying entity begins to haunt Kate’s friends and loved ones, she must fight to stay awake to stop the nightmare she’s unleashed.