Last Friday, THE ENDLESS premiered at select theaters across the country. At the Chattanooga Film Festival in Tennessee, where the movie also played, the creators were on hand to deliver some exciting news – they, along with the directing/cinematography team behind THE BATTERY, would be producing a new movie called SOMETHING ELSE. The creators are calling it a “monster horror feature.”

The movie is being produced by Rustic Films’ Dave Lawson, Aaron Moorhead, and Justin Benson. Moorhead and Benson are the creative minds behind RESOLUTION, SPRING, and THE ENDLESS, the latter of which our own Luke Rodriguez is already calling the best movie of the year. Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella (THE BATTERY) will direct.

Other than that bit of news that a new movie is coming, along with the title, and that it will be a monster movie, is all that we have right now. If you’ve seen RESOLUTION, for the love of God go see THE ENDLESS. Not only are you supporting an indie movie, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at where the movie goes.

We’ll report more as soon as we have it. Until then, we wait.