We’re BACK! This week Luke and Jacob bring you the most interesting news and happenings in the horror industry, review recently releases festival darling CUB, and go head to head in a new game simply titled: Two Guys One Cup. All that and so much more on episode 20 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.


The Modern Horrors Podcast has officially joined the largest podcasting platform on earth – Stitcher Radio! This means a couple of things. First, we had to move to a new self-hosted podcast feed. What does that mean? Well, it’s way better for us, but it also means the you’ll have to re-subscribe to the show in your favorite podcasting app in the near future. Our show will simply vanish from your saved shows soon.

Since you have to re-subscribe anyway, why not do it on Stitcher Radio?! We are hosting perhaps the biggest giveaway in Modern Horrors history to celebrate the Stither launch, and that’s saying something. All you have to do to enter is visit the Stitcher Show Page and subscribe. That gets you one entry. For every social media platform that you share the show on with your friends – that’s ANOTHER entry. If you’re awesome enough to rate the show and leave a review – that another FIVE entries. This is a big deal for us, and we want it to be a big deal for you as well.

What will you be winning? Well, we can’t say just yet. Just know that the value of the prize is near $300 bucks! That’s bananas folks. Visit the show page HERE, and spread the love.

Thank you, we love you, and we’ll see you next week!