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The Modern Horrors Podcast is BACK, and this time we have our shit together – mostly. We’re talking about the upcoming WOLF CREEK miniseries, the confirmation of ANNABELLE 2, the premiere and purpose of the MARTYRS remake, and a new creature feature from the team that brought us FOUND and HEADLESS.

Then we switch gears and provide our full-on and spoiler free review of Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO. Believe it or not, this one left the house divided. Last, but not least, we debut a BRAND NEW GAME titled “Slash Down”… i think. It was a long night, but it’s fun, trust us.

All of that plus so much more on episode 29 of the Modern Horrors Podcast. LISTEN NOW!

As mentioned on the show, check out the entire BADOET title track along with the latest trailer for the film below. This flick appears to have multiple talented people working on it from all angles – so we can’t wait to see more.