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The Modern Horrors Podcast is back again, and we have a full slate ahead of us on this one. We’re talking about John Carpenter entering the TV realm, Kevin Bacon returning to the Tremors franchise… also on TV, the hotly anticipated BABADOOK book, Jordan Peele’s leading man, and Tom Mf’n Cruise’s potential inclusion in the Mummy reboot…or you know, not.

All of that plus #AskModernHorrors, a review of the Indonesian fright flick – BADOET, and a new trivia game sculpted around various lines of dialogue in horror films. It’s a hell of an episode. LISTEN NOW!

Remember – If you’d like to see BADOET released in your country, please show your support via social media. That type of thing really matters these days. You can even show your support directly on Twitter by hitting up director Awi Suryadi (@AwiSuryadi) and producer/star Daniel Topan (@DanielTopan). I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Also – here’s the blog for The Babadook book if you’re interested in checking that out: