The Nostalgia Train is heading straight to Moneytown, and fond memories of your childhood will be its paying customers. Paramount Players has announced it has tapped IT and ANNABELLE: CREATION screenwriter Gary Daubermanto to pen the script for an ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? movie.

ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? introduced a generation of impressionable young children to the horror genre when the show ran on Nickelodeon. The first season hit screens when TVs were still square in 1990 in Canada, not hitting Nickelodeon in 1992. The show ran until in the U.S. until 1996 before a 1999 reboot.

There’s no date when we will see the ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? movie, but considering how hot horror is right now, our bets are Paramount won’t sit on this adaptation. Hopefully, the property can pull at our heartstrings one more time.