Happy November from everyone at Modern Horrors! To stay in the holiday spirit just a little longer, we asked 13 questions to the winner of the already iconic Halloween special The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection. Again, we have to give credit to The Boulet Brothers for evolving their own programming during a pandemic. There was never any competition with other “similar” holiday “specials”; the Resurrection cast and The Boules OWNED this Halloween for damn sure, and we were grateful for this opportunity.

So, without further ado, or any further restraint on spoilers (but if you didn’t want to know who won, why did you click?), please read our exclusive interview with The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection‘s winner, Saint!

my worst fear … would definitely have to be anything related to RATS!

Going into the fourth season, did you think you would have an advantage over the other contestants?

Since it was my second time competing I was going into it this time with so much more
confidence. The scared to compete feeling I had the first time around was gone.

Which floor show from season 3 would you have wanted to participate in the most and why?

I’d have to say Freak Show because I’d love to take the obvious and twist it into something fresh and unexpected.

Did the intimate set-up of The Boulet Brothers’ Resurrection allow you to be more open about yourself, aesthetic, etc. How did it compare to S3?

Yes, the intimate setting definitely allowed for me to be more open. It was a different
experience than being with a whole cast and having the pressure of different personalities. The
special really allowed each of us to just do what we love doing and to really display our art.

What would be your worst fear in terms of an extermination challenge?

My worst fear for an extermination challenge would definitely have to be anything related to RATS! I’m absolutely terrified of them!

Saint's Ghost look from Dragula: Resurrection

Frankie dressed as a Bat Vampire twerking was the best

Not including yourself, what witch, ghost, and vampire look did you like the most from Resurrection?

My favorite witch was Victoria’s. Her eye for detail is completely unmatched. For Ghost I’d
have to pick Dahli. You never know where their mind is going to take things. For vampire I’d say
Frankie Doom. Their love for drag is really inspiring especially in today’s time. People like to take
drag so seriously, so Frankie dressed as a Bat Vampire twerking was the best.

Do you think there will be an all-stars season?

The Boulet Brothers don’t follow any kind of norm. You never know what they’re going to
cook up. If there were to be an all stars season, I’d imagine they’ll find a way to make it their own and elevate it though.

What’s an unexpected source of inspiration for Saint’s aesthetic?

Growing up, my grandfather owned a church, so from early childhood to my teen years I was in church every Sunday. In my mind, the idea of Angels and Demons was like superheroes and villains. Hearing stories of imperfect demons, and feeling sort of imperfect myself growing up, I could relate to that idea so it’s definitely a big influence on my drag.

What are your top 3 horror films of all time?

Evil Dead, Sleepwalkers, & The Shining.

Who would you like to see most as a guest judge?

Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky. Queer and horror!

What do you think the post-credit Dahli teaser meant?

I think it means my HUSBAND is coming back! But you’ll have to wait and see..

Saint's Witch look from Dragula: Resurrection

this show is literally their [the Boulet Brothers’] baby

Saint seems to have some really detailed historical looks. Are there any particular eras that you lean towards stylistically?

Stylistically, I definitely love to play with period pieces, but it isn’t as pointed or chosen as
some might think, haha. I just do what draws my eye.

In your own words, what sets Dragula apart from the rest? What is their message and how do you want to spread that message with the platform you have now.

What sets Dragula apart from the rest is the Boulet Brothers! Filming with them and seeing how hands on they are shows how this show is literally their baby. You never know where they’re going to take things, but I’m happy to be a part of their legacy and whatever direction they take it in! Dragula was a club and then a competition show, and with this special even part documentary, so you never know what’s next.

Has anything unsettling or supernatural occurred during filming?

Let’s keep this between us but I told a joke and a Boulet actually smiled lol pretty
supernatural to me.

The Boulet Brother’s Dragula: Resurrection is a Shudder Original and is available now, any and all updates regarding the upcoming 4th season will definitely be reported on. Take care uglies.