Regardless of where you stand on the subgenre as a whole, it’s relatively clear that audiences connect with Found Footage films for a variety of reasons. You’d be surprised at just how often search referrals roll in here at MH asking “is (enter found footage movie name here) real?”. People can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, the bad far outweigh the good when it comes to handheld flicks these days, but it looks like the team behind the aptly titled 1974 knows exactly what it takes to make us fear the footage once again.

Writer/director Victor Dryere had the following to say about his ambitions surrounding the film:

“With 1974, I wanted to fuse together the narrative of found footage and the narrative of fiction cinematography in general; using a level of realism and intimacy that the first-person narrative offers, but including narrative tools that enable us to explore other states of perception.” 

Sounds like a winning recipe if you ask me. But in case you need a bit more persuasion, check out the debut trailer below and tell me that shit doesn’t look creepy.

1974 is currently making its rounds in the festival scene, so we’ll keep you posted with impressions and release information as more becomes available. Stay tuned.

A newlywed couple, Altair and Manuel, disappeared in 1974. Their 8mm tapes reveal the horrifying events experienced by the couple, when Altair claims to have found a way of communicating with God and builds a black brick door in her bedroom.