The trailer for Jordan Peele’s sophomore film, Us, served as an early morning Christmas gift to all of us, and it didn’t disappoint. Before yesterday, essentially all plot details were kept under wraps, but we now know that Us follows a family that has their idyllic beach vacation interrupted by a group of unwanted houseguests.

Upon confronting the intruders, the family discovers that they are near-exact doubles of themselves. The doppelgangers then appear to grow increasingly more violent as the chaos unfolds on screen. In reviewing the trailer for Us, I wanted to point out a few elements that I feel were purposefully teased or, at the very least, serve as subtle clues to the overall story. These are my interpretations based on my working knowledge of the film and are by no means true spoiler. Probably.

Us stars Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong’o, and Anna Diopl. It’s scheduled to be released March 15th 2019.

1. “Find Yourself”

“Find Yourself” appears on what looks almost like a fun house directly before Jason’s first encounter with a gloved gentlemen. It also looks like it appears again later with the young girl on the beach; just before we see her getting choked by her own reflection. In several other jumps, we see the beach itself displaying many dead bodies. So is this proverbial house of mirrors actually “Merlin’s Forest”? What happens when you see yourself?

2. Board Games

In the portion of the trailer where Jason sits opposite his double, we see 3 board games. One is seemingly called “Magic”, but it’s placed upside down. Candyland is also featured, and this could be metaphoric as there are only 4 players in Candyland which syncs with the family. When Adelaide says “we have to keep moving”, she could be referencing taking turns in a game. Maybe these doubles are actually just the “red” player fighting for dominance. The last game; however, is “Guess Who”. So we have an element of the supernatural but upside down, and a game where one systematically eliminates others in an attempt to figure out true identity. Interesting choices, right?