Try telling a compelling story in eight minutes. Now try to do it visually while not only making the audience care for the protagonist, but also while building tension. Eight minutes isn’t a lot of time, which makes AGATHA, a short film from writer-director-editor Timothy Vandenberg, such a compelling, tight piece of storytelling.

No, we’re not going to go into the plot because AGATHA is a short that has to be seen. This is a grade-A example of showing an audience your story and not telling them. There are subtle hints throughout that make AGATHA just work while making the ending that much more shocking—and Vandenberg did it without any needless jump scares or tropes.

You can check out AGATHA below, which is free to watch on Facebook through Crypt TV.

The Top of the Stairs: Agatha

You are NEVER to approach the BED….

Posted by Crypt Monsters on Thursday, January 4, 2018