I’m a lifelong musician and horror enthusiast. So my excitement for Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich’s return to the musical scene should come as no surprise. Yes… we’re covering a musical. Why? Because they’re incredible.

After triumphant collaborations on 2008’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and 2012’s THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: EPISODE ONE, cult filmmakers Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich are back with the second installment to their fantasy-musical film franchise. In ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, Lucifer sets a plot in motion against Heaven and all hell breaks loose.

If you’re unfamiliar with their previous works in this space – you owe it to yourself to dig a little deeper and give them a chance. As far as ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL is concerned, you’ll absolutely want to find your way to a roadshow screening in your area. This is an experience – and it’s something that weirdos (like us) from around the world can get together and bond over. Check out this sizzle reel featuring Bousman and Zdunich’s explanation on how these musicals came to be. It’s quite interesting.

ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL’s cast includes David Hasselhoff, Emilie Autumn, Marc Senter, Paul Sorvino, Brea Grant and Ted Neeley, among its many stars. That’s a pretty impressive lineup, if i do say so myself. Check out http://www.thedevilscarnival.com/tickets and get your tickets for a showing in your area. While we wait – check out the official trailer and poster art below for ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL.