The horror is finally back. No more hormonal girls arguing or “freaks” running around without motive. The second episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was more brutal than ever. Even Peters’s character is introduced, there is a new vampire in the hotel, and Sally is still bat-shit weird.

Let’s begin with Evan Peters. Other than season one, Even Peters has always played the lovable guy. Kit, Kyle, and Jimmy were all the hero of the show; and now out of nowhere he is playing the most brutal character that I have seen in any season of AHS. Peters plays Mr. James March. We find out in this episode that Mr. March is the creator of Hotel Cortez and has eye for architecture and a passion for killing. Not to mention some “Serbian Film”- esque type fetishes. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Peters in this refreshingly evil role.

Other than a flashback explaining Hotel Cortez’s history, the rest of the episode focuses on The Countess. We learn her age, and yes, we see plenty more pointless sex. Now if you ask me, I would say horror and sex go hand in hand, but I wish Ryan Murphy’s focus would shift from shock value with rough sex and blood to story-driven horror. Many complained that last year’s season was a snooze-fest that could put coffee to sleep, so now it feels like Murphy is trying to add as many shocking elements as possible to keep the show interesting; even if it’s irrelevant to the story.

Moving on –  We are introduced to Finn Wittrock’s new character, Tristan, who also played as Dandy Mott (or as I like to call him – “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”) in Freak Show. Tristan is a spoiled druggie who has grown tired tired of modeling. The Countess likes what she sees, so she turns him into… whatever she is. Yada yada… nothing too interesting there yet.

Lastly let’s talk about Sally. We still know very little about her, although she seems like a very important character. Is she dead? Is she a vampire? We really don’t know. My guess is that she’s dead and there’s some Murder House type-shit going on where people who die there are doomed to live in the hotel for eternity. I gotta say though, the teeth scene was something straight out of my nightmares.

What do you guys all think of the season so far? Are the controversial topics getting out of hand or something you’ve been waiting for?