Tomorrow, Blumhouse will finally reveal the first official trailer for HALLOWEEN. The fact it hasn’t leaked yet is astounding considering how ravenous fans have been about not only seeing the trailer but piecing together any bit of information that can give some plot details away. However, we’re not there just yet as evident by another teaser trailer Blumhouse decided to drop just to rile up online fans. Jason Blum posted a very cryptic tweet that has some speculating the full trailer was coming. But they were wrong. 

The latest teaser – a 10-second pump-and-dumb of scenes, exposition, and terror – opens with Laurie Strode saying, “I’ve waited for him,” as she walks toward the camera before cutting to her cocking and shooting a gun. Then there’s someone holding the iconic Michale Myers mask out toward some – possible Michael himself. Then there’s a brief scene on a dark road with one, or possibly two, people standing in the middle of it. One appears to be in some sort of patient or perhaps orderly attire. Could we get a glimpse of Myers’ real face?

There’s then a quick shot of Michael Myers in full costume before a scene focused on Strode’s face. She says, “He waiting (waited?) for me.” Then there’s a glimpse at Michael’s knife, a barking dog, a man sitting in a chair covered in a sheet with eye holes cut out just like in Carpenter’s original. There’s some under-the-bed screaming, a bloody, outstretched arm, Michael in a closet. Then there’s a long shot of Michael appearing in a doorway. It then cuts to Strode raising a knife in her hand before she attacks Michael – which he dodges. 

Whew, there’s a lot in there to unpack. But it looks like Strode isn’t just sitting around waiting for Michael to go back on a killing spree. She seems prepared this time. You can check out the HALLOWEEN teaser below. Tune back in tomorrow for the full trailer.