Artik continues to look better and better.

It’s not like we were hurting for reasons to be excited for Artik (you can check out our previous coverage here), but now we can add “has a kick-ass poster” to the list. In case the style seems reminiscent of something you’ve seen recently, that’s because it comes from artist Christopher Shy–who recently made headlines with his stunning poster art for breakout genre hit, Mandy.

Shy has worked on several high profile releases, and his involvement with Artik certainly bodes well for writer/director Tom Botchii’s wildly anticipated feature debut. But enough talk–check out; not one, but two poster variants that shine just a little more light on what we can expect when this thing finally premieres in 2019.

Plot Synopsis:

In rural farm country, a comic book obsessed serial killer clashes with a straight edge purist over a young boy’s fate.