The show opens with Ash jamming to Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin,” while preparing for a night out.  He grabs condoms and drives off to the bar in his Delta 88 just mere minutes before closing.  He spots a lady sitting alone, and, after a quick heroic sob story he’s made up about the loss of his hand, the woman is hooked.  Cut to the women’s restroom where he’s putting his condom to good use, while spanking her with his wooden hand.  On the verge of her climax, however, she briefly turns into a deadite and warns Ash they’re coming for him.  She returns to normal and wonders why he’s so shaken.  Ash is a ladies man, though, and obliges the lady in making sure she leaves the bar a happy customer.

Still stunned, he heads back to his airstream to dig out the Necronomicon. A bag of weed falls out from between its pages and cue stoned flashback in which he passes off the book of the dead’s passages to his latest conquest, having her phonetically pronounce the words.  Back to the present, Ash has realized that he’s responsible for unleashing evil. Again.

After the title card, a detective car rolls up to a house in the woods and we’re introduced to Detective Fisher and her shotgun wielding partner, Carson.  The house is ominously dark and quiet.  Fisher follows a strange sound to a living room where her partner has his gun pointed at a weeping woman under a sheet.  Ordering the woman to stand up, the sheet falls off to reveal the very woman from Ash’s hazy flashback, though she’s facing away from the confused detectives.  The woman then grabs her head and rotates it so that it’s facing the pair.  She tells Fisher, “We know who you are,” before driving a pair of scissors through the detective’s hand.  Fisher unloads her clip into the deadite, to no avail, but Carson distracts with his shotgun.  Not before getting impaled on mounted deer antlers, of course.  Fisher blows the deadite woman’s head off, and discovers Carson has been turned.  Her undead partner torments and taunts her, and she’s forced to kill him too

The next day, Ash leaves a message for Books of Beyond store owner, Lionel Hawkins, someone he seems to have sought help from before with the Necronomicon.  After sweet talking his elder neighbor Vivian into cleaning his trailer while he’s out, a warning vision hits him again- this time he’s told that they’re even closer.

Detouring to Value Mart, he approaches his boss about picking up his check early.  After proving just how inept a worker he is when he drops a box of lightbulbs, his co-worker Pablo helps him clean up.  It’s clear that Pablo thinks Ash is just the coolest, and tells Ash that he had his friend hired to help cover when Ash shirks his job duties.  Pablo nods over to the new cashier, Kelly, and Ash is instantly smitten.  In cavalier fashion, he struts over to woo her but she’s having none of it.  She tries dissuading him by revealing her mother died 6 months ago, but he counters by telling her it’s rude to drop a bomb like that on strangers. Ash gets a little too fresh, and she proves she’s a fighter by twisting his arm and slamming him into the counter.  He requests clarification on which hand she’d remove if he touched her again, then backs off.

We find Fisher sitting alone in the booth of a diner.  A trio of cops spot her from a nearby table and shake their heads in disgust.  The café owner offers empathy and tells her everything will be ok, but she isn’t sure.  It’s clear that Fisher is under investigation for her partner’s death.  The atmosphere changes and a little girl sitting at a table across the diner suddenly turns into a deadite.  Fisher looks around, but no one else seems to notice.  The girl is normal again and smiles at Fisher.  A woman leans around the back of the adjacent booth to ask if Fisher is alright.  Played by Lucy Lawless, this woman simply states that there’s nothing wrong with Fisher’s eyes, offering, “Sometimes what you think you saw, is exactly what you saw.” She leaves without another word.

Back at Value Mart, Ash is in the back room half-assing his job again when the lights go out.  A girl’s tinny laughter echoes out, and he zeroes in on a row of packaged Lori Ballerina Dolls.  He leans in, and the doll jumps on his face to attack.  Using sharp teeth to clamp down on his nose, he smashes her, and his face, with clay flowering pots until she falls.  Conveniently, little Lori finds a box cutter and Ash looks to be in serious peril.  Until Pablo smashes her like a bug with a shovel.

Ash reveals his past, starting with finding the Necronomicon in the woods 30 years ago.  Scenes from the original Evil Dead and Evil Dead II play over a row of boxes as Ash relays his history with the demonic forces.  Pablo still thinks Ash is the bees’ knees, though, and is adamant Ash is the foretold “El Jefe,” savior from the dark forces.  Ash isn’t having it, though; he wants to let someone else have that glory and drives off.

Kelly is on a video chat with her dad, who is freaked out by someone outside the front door.  The front door opens to reveal a woman and the call goes dead.  When Kelly audibly gasps, Pablo asks who she saw.  “My mother.”  The same mother who died six months ago?  Kelly wants to go home immediately, and Pablo goes with her.

Fisher revisits the crime scene, finds a piece of her partner’s shirt on the chandelier and is certain she isn’t crazy.

Instead of driving straight to Kelly’s house, he takes her to Ash’s airstream.  It’s immediately sieged upon, and a deadite grabs Kelly through the window.  In slo-mo style, Ash throws an ax and severs the assailant’s arm, freeing Kelly.  He’s had enough.  He straps on his holster and retrieves his boomstick.  After blowing away a deadite, Kelly is impressed. As he goes to grab his beloved chainsaw, Vivian awaits, full on deadite now.  She pins Pablo to the wall with a knife and goes in to kill Kelly.  Pablo kicks the chainsaw to Ash, who leaps to meet it.  They connect like long lost soulmates and he decapitates Vivian with ease.

Ash is back, baby.  Groovy.