I’ve been excited to get my eyes on Awi Suryadi’s latest, Asih, ever since the teaser trailer graced Modern Horrors a couple of months ago. The film is set to hit Indonesian theaters this week, so we wanted to celebrate with the English subtitled trailer as well as some spooky new images.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of what Suryadi has done with the Danur films, and early reviews are calling Asih his finest, darkest, and most atmospheric film to date. That’s high praise for someone with what is already a killer filmography. No news on a US release yet, but we’ll keep you posted if/when one becomes available. Until then, enjoy the new trailer and images below.

Plot Synopsis

37 years before the first DANUR, we follow the story of ASIH and her first victim, before she tried to kidnap Risa’s little sister in DANUR. When she was alive, Asih worked in the city as a nanny, only to return home with a baby born out of wedlock. Her parents disowned her, the villagers cast her out. Asih took her own life after drowning her baby in a wooden sink.