Years ago when the zombie craze started, a few good films really drove the horror market into churning out as much zombie content as possible.  The market became saturated and i became so sick with the zombie story line that nowadays i rarely will give these movies a chance because i’m just not interested in the same old story. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse gives it a fun spin in it’s premise alone. I got a chance to check it out at the Freak Show Horror Film Fest and I loved it.

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse starts with a bunch of friends going out to a haunted house because Halloween is approaching so they are everywhere. Through the first half of the short they just pick apart why the haunted house is boring and the waste of money the attraction was. This is where the story gets turned on its head, because outside of the haunted house, the world is collapsing.

The short has a lot of laughs throughout and some really awesome gore. You can really relate with the cast because everyone has each one of these types of friends. Some of the attraction’s employees get thrown into the mix and bring a more diverse crowd that choose to handle the situation differently.

While the title would normally put me off of something like this, the 40 minute short is definitely a fun ride and has some good laughs accompanied with some brutal kills scenes. Check it out below

[vimeo 142255428 w=500 h=281]