When the title spells out everything you need to know about the movie, can you be mad? No, no you can’t. ATTACK OF THE KILLER DONUTS looks like the movie you’d expect. There are donuts, they mutate and then they go on a killing spree that makes heart disease and high cholesterol look tame by comparison.

The trailer is off-the-wall ridiculous—and clearly doesn’t take itself seriously at all. ATTACK OF THE KILLER DONUTS is directed by Scott Wheeler (AVALANCHE SHARKS). It stars Justin Ray, Kayla Compton and Ben Heyman. The film is available November 17.

A chemical accident in a sleepy town turns ordinary donuts into bloodthirsty monsters. Unaware of the donuts’ danger, Johnny, Michelle and Howard sell them to unsuspecting customers. When the donuts start eating their victims, the only way the three friends can save their sleepy town is to track down the Killer Donuts down and destroy them. The final standoff is where it all began: Dandy Donuts.