Just ahead of the world’s largest gaming event, Gamescom, Bandai Namco has opened a teaser site for something called “Little Nightmares.” The site tasks visitors with a sliding box puzzle in order to “unveil what has been lurking in the deepest darkest depths.” Though don’t expect any easy answers just yet; the site has three padlocks to unlock.  We can expect to complete another puzzle tomorrow and the final puzzle on Wednesday.  A reveal trailer is expected to release on Thursday.

Of course, the combination of vague teasers and multiple days to kill before an official announcement has caused speculation on the mysterious game to begin.  Some gamers have uncovered a long quiet blog by indie developers Roboed Games, on the behind-the-scenes creative process of their game, Little Nightmares. Huh. What a coincidence.  Both the developer’s blog and Twitter account have gone silent after a very busy March in 2015. Long enough to team up with Bandai Namco for the completion of the game, perhaps?

Considering that Roboed Games’ Little Nightmares is centered around a puzzle-solving eight year old, and the teaser site is centered on puzzles, well, the mystery might indeed be solved. We won’t know for sure until Thursday, but if it is one and the same, then we have an interesting game concept on our hands. Until then, at least the puzzles will hold us over.

‘Little Nightmares’ is a horror game played as a schizophrenic eight year old kid named Jacob. The game is set in Jacobs home, where you need puzzle-solving skills and nerves of steel in order to progress through the seemingly big building.

There are things lurking in the house. Things that only a kids imagination could ever dream up, only, for Jacob they’re true, and can physically hurt him. Hide. Run. Hide. Run. Be quiet. They’ll hear you.

Little Nightmares