Things are shaping up nicely...

I love slasher films – I couldn’t have possibly made that any clearer in the last 10 months. So I suppose the inclusion of a FOURTH slasher to this year’s 8 Films to Die For should be music to my ears. Well, it is! Directors Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young had the following to say about their film:

“Bastard is a labor of horror love crafted on a budget of blood, sweat, and visceral synth score.  Shot under the influence of Tom Savini and Jamie Lee Curtis’ lungs, Bastard hearkens back to a time when people couldn’t complain about the state of horror.  Our approach was not to spoof or make fun of these old slashers, but rather embrace the mindset of how these films were made, and make our story with the same technique and passion. We wanted to give our fellow horror lovers the 80’s cult flick they never got to see in theaters – the one that inspires them to go out and make their own.  Because that’s what films like Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, and Zombi have done for us.”

Mmmmm… visceral synth score.

Bastard has officially joined the 2015 lineup for After Dark Films’ 8 Films to Die For, and you can check out the official plot synopsis, trailer, and poster below:

Five strangers – newlywed serial killers, a suicidal cop, and two runaways – become suspect and victim when a masked murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town.