Five films by age 25? You bet.

YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE will be the fifth feature from Danish filmmaker, Kasper Juhl, a hard-working genre artist who picked up his first camera at age 8–and it stuck.

Founder of Hellbound Productions in Denmark, which prides itself on being called part of the Dark Danish Underground, Juhl’s previous films include Madness of Many, Monstrosity and the 2016 Robert Festival Audience Award nominee A.G.W.A.U or A God without a Universe. That same film also premiered at the CPH:PIX film festival in 2015 and won the Best Feature award at the BUT Film Festival in the Netherlands.

YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE will premiere at the same festival later this month. The film stars Marie-Louise Damgaard in a leading role, as well as Rose Milling and Bill Hutchens.

Featuring cages, rotted skin, rubber gloves and the ominous voice of an off-screen captor, YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE seems to bring the chills. Add the creepy score and I’m sure you’ll be intrigued as much as we are. Go for it.

After being brutally murdered, the troubled girl Juliet White ends up in a limbo, where a spiritual guide forces her soul to re-live repressed memories. A beautiful, yet highly disturbing, tale of madness, violence, sex, torture, life and death.