At the beginning of the year, we speculated that the long-awaited sequel for 2006’s sleeper hit Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon may finally receive progress. The announcement of a special 10th anniversary screening in the Midnighter section of this year’s SXSW only supported that. So of course we had to attend so we could find out what the latest news is on the potential sequel.

Remember how I mentioned a previous failed Kickstarter to get the sequel off the ground and running? Or that we’d need to support writer/director Scott Glosserman and crew in any way when the time came? Well, that time is now. At the SXSW screening, Glosserman announced his new attempt to get the sequel off the ground, though it may not quite be what you expected.

The screenplay he had written for the sequel is being transposed into a comic book series, illustrated by Nathan Thomas Milliner, spread over 8 issues. It’s being funded through Indiegogo here. I know, I know, you’d rather have an actual feature film instead of a comic series.

But here’s the thing, and it’s important:  If we have any hope of a sequel getting made, it begins here. The success of this crowd-funded project is crucial for upcoming projects related to Leslie Vernon. Hint Hint. If you want another film, then you want the comic book series to come into fruition. Leslie Vernon is depending on you, fans.