About a year ago, we ran a review for an independent horror feature that surprised the hell out of us. It was called Black Mountain Side [Review], and it came to us by way of Nick Szostakiwskyj and the rest of the team at A Farewell to Kings. As much as we enjoyed BMS, it was the kind of experience that left us hungry for more. Something about it foreshadowed the team’s ability to achieve even greater heights, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting details for their next project ever since. Well, here they are.

HAMMER OF THE GODS has officially wrapped principle photography and entered the painstaking process of post production. Filmed all over Southern British Columbia, HAMMER OF THE GODS follows a washed up rock band that sets out on a soul-searching journey on the 10th anniversary of their hit single. Szostakiwskyj had the following to say in a recent blog post:

“My third feature film, Hammer of the Gods, stars Josh Collins, Rob Raco, Parmiss Sehat, and Samantha Carly. Filmed all over Southern British Columbia, we’re hoping to premiere the film in 2017. Fans of Black Mountain Side will be pleased with this film, as well as a whole new audience of contemporary horror fans. We put a lot of our budget into practical special effects, including full creature designs.”

A trendy rock band exploring the BC wilderness is exactly what I need in my life, especially if it’s coming from AFTK and there are motherfucking creatures lurking around. We’ll be sure to share additional details as they come our way, but until then, check out the behind-the-scenes production shots below.

Hammer of the Gods is the story of falling-from-grace rock group half a decade after the release of their hit single, as they travel deep into the Canadian wilderness on a spirit journey.