If you’re like me, then you read a plethora of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series as a kid.  I have many fond memories when I think back to my days of flipping through those spooky pages.  Luckily your nostalgic itch can be scratched as an adult with Brian Keene.  His novels have that quick paced, unpretentious feel that I had reading Goosebumps, but are designed for a much more mature audience.

Keene’s Dark Hollow follows Adam, a struggling writer (I know, big surprise) who happens to cross the bad side of a satyr.  Unfortunately for Adam, this satyr is after the town’s women which includes Adam’s wife, Tara.  As you can imagine, horror and mayhem ensue leading up to the final confrontation of the satyr Hylinus.  This novel isn’t going to blow you away with some mighty prose.  It isn’t meant to.  This isn’t the best of Keene’s work either, but it entertains and it does so without ever bogging down.  Even if you’re not a reader, this is a novel that you could get through in a week.  There are some silly story tropes and it can get a bit graphic, but that’s sort of its charm.

Oh, and as a bonus, they are making a film adaptation.  Read it now and you can join the pretentious club of “the book was better”.  We’re currently taking new members.