The trailer for Let’s Scare Julie throws a lot of ideas at us pretty quickly. There’s a voodoo doll, a dead parent, a teenage slumber party, a possible home invasion, a quick I Know What You Did Last Summer homage, and maybe even some ghosts(?). I’m left unsure of what, exactly, is going on, but it’s safe to say the attempt to “scare Julie” does not go off as planned. What is really intriguing, and what isn’t immediately apparent in the trailer, is that Let’s Scare Julie was filmed in one continuous take, no cuts, with the events happening in real time.

Scenes in the trailer look well executed, and we’ll be able to see how the story comes together when Let’s Scare Julie premiers on digital and On Demand on October 2, 2020.

A group of teen girls set out to scare their reclusive new neighbor, but the prank turns to terror when some of them don’t come back. A suspenseful contemporary ghost story about how making the wrong choices can end with horrific results, Let’s Scare Julie premieres in Home Theaters on Digital and On Demand everywhere October 2, 2020 from Shout! Studios.
Filmed in real time on a single camera in one uninterrupted, continuous take, the tension in the film rapidly escalates as the girls’ seemingly harmless pranks start to have life-altering consequences. Written and directed by Jud Cremata, Let’s Scare Julie stars Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson (Netflix’s On My Block), Isabel May (Netflix’s Alexa & Katie), Odessa A’zion (CBS’s Fam), Brooke Sorenson (Netflix’s Mr. Iglesias), Jessica Sarah Flaum (The Tale) and Dakota Baccelli (NBC’s This is Us).