There are many filmmakers vying for attention out there and many films crowding the internet.  I appreciate it when I can find a film that is the perfect length with great acting, creepy scenes and leaves me wanting more.  This is what happened when I viewed The Full Walrus from director Jason Wallace.  Currently making the rounds at film festivals, the film is a bizarre mix of creepy dolls, scary societies and crazy carnies.  The production values and the acting are very high quality and I appreciated the artistic voice I saw in the feature.

Check out the trailer for The Full Walrus below, chat with filmmaker Jason Wallace on Twitter and like the film on Facebook.  Wallace is already gearing up a KickStarter campaign for a second feature that will be launching at the end of July 2015.  I’m not clear on all the details but there might be menacing children, a killer Ice Cream Man and the next great Urban Legend involved.  From Director Wallace, “If you like IT FOLLOWS…..Ice Cream Man will be similar tonally.  People are calling it a 90 minute Twilight Zone of a script.” Get more details at the film’s Facebook page.

MAYA (Rocki DuCharme) likes Marionettes and DREW (Daniel Korth) who recently broke up with his girlfriend. So she invites him out to a show at a secret club. Their lives are about to change forever though, because this club is anything but normal.