***Part of an ongoing interview with Maria Sten and Brandon Scott***

MH: Before landing the part, had you previously read the story it’s based on? Did you do anymore research into creepypasta source material?

MS: I had not read I Found A Hidden Door before I got cast, I read it shortly after as part of my research, and have since dug a little bit into other Creepypastas after we wrapped actually. I’m also a writer and tend to operate a lot in the genre space as well, so it was great to find this universe of crazy, disturbing, fantastical fairytales that exist in this kind of collective spirit. That’s a very cool concept. I’m excited to see what else comes out of there.

MH: Which do you find more effective; reading horror or watching? Can you provide an example of a book or film that really scared you?

MS: All horror films scare me! And I’m not exaggerating. That’s the downside to having a vivid imagination, I’m really a chicken when it comes to horror. It gets under my skin right away and it stays with me long after the movie/episode is over. To that end, I think horror visuals is probably more effective, but I might enjoy fewer sleepless nights if I were to read it instead.

MH: What do you feel is your characters best and worst quality?

MS: I think Jillian’s most redeeming quality is that everything she does, she does based upon her wish to build a family and a home, and to love and be loved. She never operates from ill-intention, she just… lets her emotions get the best of her sometimes. And some people might argue that that is her worst quality. Her emotions, the negative thoughts that haunt her, can sometimes actually rule her.