***Part of an ongoing interview with Maria Sten and Brandon Scott***

MH: Before landing the part, had you previously read the story it’s based on? Did you do anymore research into creepypasta source material?

BS: Before getting the job, I didn’t read any of the Creepypasta source material for Dream Door.  For the most part, I tried to focus on the Dream Door scripts as the source material to see what I could unearth from that story. Eventually I read the creepypasta to help with texture and circumstances here and there.   

MH: Which do you find more effective; reading horror or watching? Can you provide an example of a book or film that really scared you?

BS: Hmmm. I would have to say watching, because I’m really affected by sound. So a good score & sound design can create some hair raising tension for me. Especially if I am viewing a show or movie while using headphones. I really loved The Witch. The soundscape on that was very effective. And the acting, incredible!

MH: What do you feel is your characters best and worst quality?

BS:Tom’s best quality may be his protective side. He wants to do and will do anything for Jill. He wants to be the best ride or die partner she could have — to create a home and a life that shields her from the “monsters” of her past and the real world. However this can also be his worst quality as it can venture into the “I know what’s best for you” territory. Throughout the series, as this quality softens, it was fun to explore Tom’s journey to give up the reigns and let Jill lead — and learning that she does know best.