It’s no secret that we’re big supporters of foreign genre cinema around here. But very few filmmakers have caught our eye like Indonesia’s Awi Suryadi. Suryadi has become the driving force behind some of the region’s most celebrated films of all time. Look no further than the record-shattering DANUR: I Can See Ghosts released just last year for proof. In fact, the film was so successful that a sequel was given the green light right away.

It would be easy to assume that DANUR 2: MADDAH is a hurried production for the sake of cashing in on the success of the first, but you’d be wrong. After viewing the trailer (and some other tasty tidbits that we can’t talk about right now), I have no doubt that this one will be even more intense than the first. The production is more polished, the sound is even sharper, and the scares are more impactful. If you’re in the the area on March 29th, get yourself a ticket to what will undoubtedly be another runaway success.

Until then, check out the debut trailer, official plot synopsis, and an exclusive look at some images that have never been seen before.

Plot Synopsis

Risa (Prilly Latuconsina) finds herself in the presence of malicious spirits once again after utilizing her gift. This time; however, the evil may be too great for Risa or her “friends” to survive.