We’ve covered what we know about Contracted: Phase II, then we had a chat with director Josh Forbes about the film, and now we have your first look at the premiere poster art for the highly anticipated sequel.

Check it out:

CONTRACTED: PHASE II picks up right where England’s first film leaves off. It involves a lot of the same characters from the first film, and a few new ones. Simon Barret’s mysterious role in the film has been replaced by actor/producer/generally-awesome-guy Morgan Peter Brown.

People may know Morgan as a producer on films Absentia (2011) and Ouija (2014). He also starred in Absentia and has done a ton of TV work. In our film, he plays Brent Jaffe, patient zero from the first film and we dive deeper into his sinister intentions.

For people who have seen the first film, it’s no secret that Najarra Townsend’s character Samantha infects Riley, played by Matt Mercer (Joe Begos’ Mind’s Eye, Airplane VS Volcano). Our film centers around Riley, and his quest to stop the virus and save his friends, family, and the world.

Contracted 2