Well, it’s happening folks. One of the few remaining franchises untainted by the Corporate Greed Machine is getting a reboot. CHILD’S PLAY – the iconic 1988 film about a possessed doll with a taste for killing – spawned six, in-cannon sequels with the most recent entry, CULT OF CHUCKY, coming in 2017. Now, MGM, the distributor to the 1988 movie, is gearing up for a reboot that looks to be taking a page out of the Stranger Things way of storytelling. 

The reboot will follow “a group of kids and a technologically advanced doll that enters their world”–according to Collider. We imagine this doll has the same taste for blood as Chucky; however, this will be a contemporary reboot. 

What’s interesting is it appears Don Mancini, the creator of the franchise, will be able to continue working on his recently announced CHILD’S PLAY: THE TV SERIES. You see, while MGM released the first movie, Universal released the reset and holds the home entertainment rights as well. So it’s quite possible we can continue to get Mancini Chucky properties and a rebooted franchise – if the new movie is a box-office success.  

The CHILD’S PLAY reboot will have Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg at the helm directing a script by Tyler Burton Smith (KUNG FURY 2). MGM is apparently fast-tracking the project with IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith. Production will allegedly start this September in Vancouver.