COLD SKIN is a movie flying under the radar stateside. Initially released last October in Spain after a festival showing the month prior, COLD SKIN is still floating out in the ether for U.S. audiences. The trailer just popped up on our radar at Modern Horrors, and we’re certainly interested.

From the trailer, it looks like a young man ends up on a remote island with a salty former sea captain living in a lighthouse. But the island isn’t as deserted as initially believed. There are these humanoid creatures from Atlantis as well. Eventually, the young man is fighting for his life.

This movie is exciting because of the team behind it. Xavier Gens is directing. He’s the writer-director of FRONTIER(S). The screenplay is written by Jesús Olmo (28 WEEKS LATER) and Eron Sheean (THE DIVIDE), which is based off the novel of the same name by Albert Sánchez Piñol is a Spanish anthropologist, non-fiction writer and novelist.

COLD SKIN looks gorgeous and it looks like there are some great special effects thanks to a handy shotgun. Given Gens’ history, there should be some great kills. The movie stars Ray Stevenson (THOR), David Oakes and Aura Garrido.

Sadly, if you’re hoping to see COLD SKIN anytime soon and you live in the U.S., you’re going to have to wait. How long that wait will be remains unknown. There is no U.S. or North American release date just yet. Hopefully, the new trailer is evidence the movie is close. Fingers crossed.


A young man who arrives at a remote island finds himself trapped in a battle for his life.