Hooray for originality!

Every once in a while, between countless recycled found footage movies and cinematic cash grabs, we get a film that tries the unthinkable. It tries to be original. Luckily, Come Back To Me does more than just try. It is undoubtedly the most original movie I have seen in recent memory. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its faults, but I’d be willing to be you let them slide given the story. Perhaps best of all, it’s ready to stream on Netflix right now…so get to it!

I would normally go into what you can expect from the story, but I’m going to skip all of that. I went in completely blind,and I feel as if you should as well. Just know that you will think you know whats happening, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably think it’s lame. I’m here to tell you…You’re probably wrong. If you see this one coming then you need to go play the lottery ASAP.

It may seem like unbridled praise on my part, but it’s not. While the idea is fantastic, it’s not terribly difficult to poke holes in it. The acting is also just good enough to not be bad. That may seem like a strange way to put it… but you’ll know what I mean. That’s all fine though, because in the end I found myself engaged throughout and legitimately surprised by an ending that I did not see coming.. and that never happens.

Throw this one on your Netflix queue and prepare to be surprised. Again, If you find yourself thinking it’s incredibly lame and predictable…stay with it.