Twins are a curious, often creepy, phenomenon explored in horror. RABBIT, the debut feature film from writer/director Luke Shanahan, explores the psychological link between twins. Twins have reported feeling when the other is in pain, and even known to form their own language–a phenomenon known as cryptophasia. Other times, twins are just downright creepy, like in The Shining.

Shanahan’s earned numerous awards for his previous work, and any fan of his short films knows he has a gift for storytelling and dialogue. However, the most recognizable name in RABBIT is probably Adelaide Clemens (The Great Gatsby, Rectify). Joining Clemens is Alex Russell (Carrie (2013), Chronicle) and Jonny Pasvolsky (Westworld, Mortdecai). In addition to an impressive monologue from Clemens, the teaser features stunning cinematography, haunting imagery, and an unnerving score.

Since premiering at MIFF in 2017, RABBIT has also appeared at Fantastic Fest, Sitges Film Festival, and Toronto After Dark. We’ll keep you updated with release info as soon as it’s available, and Shanahan is definitely a filmmaker we’re going to keep tabs on for the future.


Almost a year after her identical twin’s disappearance, 25-year-old medical student Maude Ashton is still haunted by visions of her sister’s violent abduction. Now living overseas but convinced she is still alive, Maude follows her ‘dreamscape’ back to Australia and all the way to a derelict caravan park where she discovers her fate intrinsically connected to that of her sister.