Who would have thought that for the second time in as many weeks, I’d be reviewing another found footage film that takes place underground?  However, my undying love for Spanish horror demanded that I blaze forward and watch In Darkness We Fall (La Cueva).  I’ll be honest in saying that I did not love the title at first, but upon completion of the film I realized it fit perfectly, both in the physical and metaphorical sense.

The plot won’t blow you away.  It’s the usual friends on vacation, pulling pranks, getting drunk and stoned, having sex, and making questionable decisions.  All of this caught on film by the one guy who feels the need to document everything.  It gives you a decent amount of this build-up to get to know the characters, and you’ll be glad they did.  Once they find the cave, there will be no relief for your blood pressure.

Be warned, if you are claustrophobic at all, it’s best to have your inhaler close at hand.  I wouldn’t consider myself claustrophobic, but I’ll be damn if I’m squeezing myself through tiny rock formations underground.  And it’s relentless.  I found myself starting to share the characters panic.  Ever corner I’m waiting for the inevitable.  This is probably why they were able to get me with at least three jump scares that I KNEW where coming. We’re talking about the kind of jumps where the dog looks at you funny.  Not cool Filmax International. Not cool.

Despite the very familiar premise, this didn’t go like I expected in the least.  The film quality was incredible.  The acting is solid,  the dialogue felt genuine, and  you see a man’s butthole… So there’s that.

If you like your horror grounded in reality, then you have to watch In Darkness We Fall.  It takes you to a very dark part of humanity.  There are no hillbilly psychos, and that makes it all the more terrifying.