DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE, from Terror Films, looks like a brooding supernatural thriller. The movie looks excellent, with decent acting. And not too much is given away in the trailer, which is always nice.

The story centers around a woman who takes a housesitting job in the countryside. As you can imagine, strange things start to occur after she begins exploring the expansive property. She finds disturbing drawings and satanic illustrations, which lead to an entity appearing.

Gabriel Carrer (IN THE HOUSE OF FLIES) directs DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE. It stars Ry Barrett (THE DEMOLISHER), Stephanie Ash, Brianna Lamarre, Faith Singleton and Amanda Lamarre.

DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE hits multiple digital platforms such as Apple iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play/YouTube and X-Box Live this Friday, Nov. 17.

It is winter and a young woman named Larissa takes a housesitting job in the secluded countryside. What she expects to be simply a change of pace for a few days takes a dark, twisted turn. While exploring the property, Larissa discovers a set of disturbing drawings that include illustrations of satanic symbols. This leads to the apparition of an entity that haunts the property whose singular goal is to transform her into Death itself.