Candy and movies go together like Jason and machetes, especially during Halloween.

With Horror at a fever-pitch these days, Mars, Incorporated, the company behind such big-name sweets as M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles and Dove bars has jumped into the fray, releasing a series of short films, written and directed by a sharp group of both established and up-and-coming talent from the industry.

Over the past few days, the shorts have been released on various Fox channels to a tweet-storm of gasps, shrieks and shivers, leaving many hungry for more. You have to applaud the company for creating such well-made, long-form shorts that celebrate our favorite genre. In fact, it’s whispered that Fox and Mars may be releasing more of these as we approach Halloween. For now, the four vignettes will creep across various Fox programming between now and the 31st. But never fear, there’s no reason to waste hours waiting around for these gems because Modern Horrors will hook you up right now.

So, unwrap your favorite sweet and give these two-minute delights your attention. But make note of the talent that created them, because who knows, maybe one of these writers or directors will grace a Modern Horrors post or podcast episode some day soon. And news like that is well worth the cavity.


FLOOR 9.5: Directed by Toby Meakins. Written by Simon Allen.


THE ROAD: Directed by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm


REPLACEMENT: Directed by Christopher Leone


LIVE BAIT: Directed by Andrew Laurich. Written by Gabriel Miller and Andrew Laurich


For even more on these original shorts, check out this informative piece from our pal Tim Nudd at Adweek. Happy Halloween.